IJSPR: Volume 10 Number 03
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IJSPR - Volume 10, Number 03

Published On : April 2015
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Abstract: A field experiment was conducted during the year 2014-15 to study of special reversible M.B plough performance by measuring the actual field capacity, fuel consumption and field efficiency under the actual field conditions is the only way of recognizing their quality and output. This will also help Govt. Agencies in controlling the undeserving units, improving the deficiencies in existing implements, standardization of critical components and saving the energy for this purpose a locally available three bottom 30 cm reversible M.B was taken. The Mould Board (M.B) retains their mirror finish at all-time contributing to well turn furrows. A 30 m x 30 m levelled field was selected for the field experiment. The field having black cotton soil type with the bulk density was 1.4 Mg m-3 and moisture content13.8 per cent (Dry basis). From the study it was observed that the average operating speed was 3.8 km h-1, the average depth of cut and width of cut was recorded 20 cm and 80 cm, respectively and actual field capacity, field efficiency and fuel consumption was observed 0.26 ha h-1,76.38 per cent and 4.61 lith-1, respectively. This is a mechanically operated basic implement for preparation of lands, it is very useful for primary tillage in hard and dry trashy land.
Keywords:Reversible MB plough, Field efficiency, Fuel consumption.
Abstract: Online shopping has become popular as it is convenient, reliable and cost effective. The major challenge in front of the online customers is purchasing decision based on the pictures or description provided online. Reviews of the product often makes it easy for the customers to make decisions for purchasing the products as reviews are a great source to compare products and features. The existing schemes include NLP and statistical methods for opinion mining, document level classification and multi domain sentiment analysis. These schemes are used for formal reviews and to remove the grammatical errors. We have proposed Feature Extraction and Refinement for Opinion Mining (FEROM), a scheme based on the opinion miner system that removes the similar meaning words for informal reviews .FEROM reviews the opinions expressed by the customer and identifies their expressions and opinion orientations for each recognized product entity. Our scheme will positively help customers for taking effective purchasing decision since it results in segregation of positive and negative reviews.
Keywords:Opinion Mining, FEROM, NLP, Feature Extraction, Refinement.
Abstract: Seventy pectinolytic bacterial strains were isolated from diverse pectin rich sources and waste dump yard soils by enrichment culturing and ruthenium plate assay. Screening of nine different pectin rich sources and soils like fruit and vegetable dump yard soils, fruit and vegetable market soils, sugar cane bagasse soils yielded five primary bacterial isolates based on zones of pectin hydrolysis in ruthenium plates. These five primary isolates with higher zones of pectin hydrolysis were tested for polygalacturonase production. One efficient bacterial isolate identified as Bacillus sp 1 with highest polygalacturonase activity was selected for further study. The effect of temperature, pH and fermentation cycle was studied for polygalacturonase production by Bacillus sp in submerged fermentation conditions using crude pectin. The selected pectinolytic isolate Bacillus sp 1 could have application for enzymes production, fruit juice clarification and degradation of fruit and vegetable waste in process of urban waste disposal.
Keywords:Baciilus sp, Pectin, Polygalacturonase, Ruthenium plate assay.
Abstract: The main objective of the paper is to the sunlight falls. The VANTER is controlled by means of smart host microcontroller (PIC16F88). The android mobile is used to track the rover and indicates is position, the amount of charging and discharging times of battery. The main concept of this paper is charging the Li-Po batteries that are used for two purposes. In case one battery is used for controlling the VANTER and another for ultrasonic detector develop the effective method of charging the Li-Po batteries using solar panel which is controlled by smart android mobiles. Hence the efficient power will be increased by solar tracking mechanism. By using the servomotor the solar panel tilted itself .
Keywords:Android, Mobile, Controlling, Vanter.
Abstract: Bengal gram or chick pea (Cicerarietinum) is an important food cropof India and largest producer accounting 70 per cent of total production of the world. In central Vidarbha Bengal gram is the major Rabbi crop grown, but for that not specially seed drill are available in market. Hence regarding this, a seed drill machine innovation by a farmer in the Jalgaon (Jamod) is tested and experiment was conducted at CAE&T Jalgaon (Ja)Buldhana. During the lab test of seed drill, the rate of seed drop was observed from different hoppers with respective to exposure length of fluted roller was found 25to100 kg/ha for 10 to 40 cm fluted roller exposure length. In field evaluation observed the field capacity, field efficiency, theoretical field capacity and fuel consumption are found 0.60 ha/h, 72 per cent, 0.82 ha/h and 3.53 l/h, respectively.
Keywords:Bengal Gram, Field Capacity, Seed Calibration.
Abstract: We propose two public-key schemes to achieve deniable authentication for the Internet Key Exchange (IKE). Authentication in security had is the essential factor in the key establishment over Internet. The Deniable Internet key exchange protocol gives more value to the IKE standard. Our schemes can in some situations be more efficient than existing IKE protocols as well as having stronger deniability properties. Key-exchange, in particular Diffie–Hellman key exchange (DHKE), is among the core cryptographic mechanisms for ensuring network security. For key-exchange over the Internet, both security and privacy are desired. In this paper, we develop a family of privacy-preserving authenticated DHKE protocols named deniable Internet key-exchange (DIKE), both in the traditional PKI setting and in the identity-based setting. The newly developed DIKE protocols are of conceptual clarity and practical (online) efficiency. They provide useful privacy protection to both protocol participants, and add novelty and new value to the IKE standard.
Keywords: Authentication, Key Exchange, deniability, Diffie–Hellman, restricted random oracle, security.
Abstract: Cognitive radio network is an emerging technology which ultimately aims at utilization of the available spectrum by all the licensed and unlicensed users in the network. The ultimate aim of the project is to improve the performance of a wireless cognitive radio network. Proper routing and resource allocation algorithms are used to improve the performance of the system. The main and important challenge in the cognitive radio network is the proper design of dynamic spectrum allocation algorithm which enables the secondary nodes or the cognitive nodes to use the available spectrum without interfering with primary nodes. The cognitive radio concept is well suited for a wireless mesh network (WMN) where a large volume of traffic is expected to be delivered more efficiently since it is able to utilize spectrum resources. Admission control algorithm and Frequency interference check along with routing and resource allocation will improve the performance of the system.
Keywords:Cognitive Radio, Wireless mesh network ,admission control algorithm, Frequency interference check.
Abstract: The image denoising techniquesare in the current trend of research to enhance the quality of digital graphics processors with automatic image denoising function in digital cameras. The denoising algorithms work towards the reduction of effect of noises by finding the irregularity in the pixel intensities distribution. The irregularity can be found and removed with the help of filters. These filters are of various fundamental structures like wavelet filters, Median filter, Weiner filter etc. In this paper we are utilizing the Reverse Bi-Orthogonal Filter of DWT for grayscale image denoising. From the comparison with the previous methodologies used it is found that the proposed denoising methodology having better results than existing work.
Keywords:Denoising, DWT, Reverse Bi-Orthogonal Filters, PSNR, RMSE and Gaussian Noise.
Abstract: Supportive wireless communication relay network in OFDM- based systems have shown to expand performance in countless system using digital modulation techniques as a form of spatial diversity, but are not gladly available cp-operative variety for M –ary QAM OFDM based system where the best relay only participates in the relaying. In this paper we compute the error rate performance of cooperative Varity for M- ary QAM OFDM based system based with best relay selection upto 512 ary QAM based. in result bit error probability of M-ary QAM OFDM- based system with best relay selection. M-ary QAM OFDM based system with best relay selection provides higher performance and error less communication. This method improves the performance in comparison in various aspects of BER and SNR with fixed and randam value of aspects of BER and SNR with fixed and random value of input applied as a function on FFT, IFFT etc. to existing when the filtering is necessary for band limited condition.
Keywords:FFT, IFFT, QAM, OFDM etc.
Abstract: The operations in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) are still not very resistant to RREQ flooding attack because of its mechanism of discovering route and transmitting packets. For controlling congestion problems, the protocol has already defined a limit of RREQ packets that can be originated by a node. Attacker node exploits this weakness and initiates many more RREQ packets which may be futile and abundant enough to waste precious resources of the network. The threshold parameter is set at each node which checks the number of RREQ packets which it receives per unit time. The threshold value helps in determining whether a node is malicious or normal. If the RREQs generated by a node per unit time exceeds allowable limit, assumption can be made that the sender is a malicious node.
Keywords:Wireless Adhoc Network, malicious nodes, Flooding.
Abstract: Solar power is used as only the source of power to control the overall system. Sensors are placed on the paddy field and these sensors continuously sense the water content and give the message to the farmer. Without visiting the paddy fields, farmers can get the information about the Moisture content and farmer can control the pump set by sending a message from his cellular phone even from a remote place where network is available. However, if the Moisture level reaches to the low level the motor will automatically start without intimation to farmer and to ensure the proper water level in the site. At the end of this paper, a complete hardware implementation of this proposed automated irrigation system will be presented.
Keywords:solar power, pump, automatic irrigation.
Abstract: The international method associated with recognition belonging to the features is Hough transform utilized in processing the images, computer perspective and exploring information from images. The attempts here is to use Hough transform as attribute vector, examined on Indian Vehicle number plates that have fonts of standard followed by UK in2D and3D, having ten spots for letters and numbers. A port image taken is an RGB image, further the entered image is cropped as well as the significant blocks of data within the number plate therefore are obtained. The ten sub images thus extracted from the input image will also be RGB and among those 4 are alphabets while rest are numbers. These sub images are fed to Hough transform and Hough highs to extract the Hough highs information. First couples of Hough highs are matched for recognition purposes. Also the Hough Highs to standard alphabets of UK fonts at angles of 0,35,65 degree are considered ,so if number plated is a rotaed one.
Keywords:avrpr, edge detection segmentation, Hough transform.
Abstract: The modern era of wireless communication having many challenges to provide quality of service maintaining the next generation technology needs. The obstacle which are making system performance lower and lower is noises and interferences. In this paper we have analyzed and worked towards to reduce the effect of noises and interferences so that the error rate should be lower. The proposed approach is working on the reduction of bit error rate by utilizing the minimum mean square error - ordered successive interference cancellation (MMSE-OSIC) detection technique with moving average filter and compared with ZF-OSIC and median filtering and achieved 10-5.5.
Keywords:V-Blast, OFDM, Moving Average Filter, BER, Wireless Communication.
Abstract: The paper describes a detection method of vehicle registration plates on digital images. The method inputs the RGB image of a vehicle and extracts from it the characters on the plate. The method proposed here makes use of morphological processing, Hough transform and Hough peaks for detection of registration plates on vehicles and their character recognition: Examined on registration plates, of India, Pakistan and other countries of which most of them uses font of UK standard and also now a days the fonts of UK 3D, Indian number plates have ten places for letters and numbers while neighboring countries like Pakistan has six places for letters and numbers respectively. The method can be applied to access control systems supervising the vehicle traffic on the roads, restricted areas etc. The developed system can be trained for any kind of font system and any kind of vehicle registration pates around the world. The technique is tested for Number Plates of few countries. The successful recognition and time for recognition are important parameters fulfilled very well by the technique used here.
Keywords:Anpr, Morphological Processing,hough transform, acess control.
Abstract: The Low density parity-check codes are one of the hottest topics in coding theory nowadays equipped with very fast encoding and decoding algorithms, LDPC are very attractive both theoretically and practically.in this article, we present a new algorithm which allows correcting errors quickly and without iterations. We show that the proposed algorithm can be applied for both regular and irregular LDPC codes.
Keywords:Low Density Parity Check decoder, Bit Flipping Algorithm, syndrome block, proper syndrome, Matrix equation.
Abstract: Internet existence only leading new innovation in all field of the world, as well it took to multitudinous seas cybercrimes. Those are illegal to the nation law, but forwarding in very much speed, which can’t be predicted or found by current technology. Because nowadays we are familiar with SNS (social network sites) there, instant messengers focusing their affect to the current as well as future world. But their also they effecting by causing the damage to the database as destroying the whole content, to avoid we using a technique as HER, with ontology to trace them and to hack them in healthy way by using OBIE. Where wordsets is the sibling of this technique we can say.