IJSPR: Volume 11 Number 02
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IJSPR - Volume 11, Number 02

Published On : May 2015
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Abstract: The communication system has it maximum vulnerability at the physical layer and the noises introduces during the transmission of signal through channel and the security from noises and the interferences need to be establish to make system performance better and better. The bit error rate is the figure of merit to check system from end-to-end, and in this paper the proposed methodology is adopted to reduce the BER to certain optimum level than the previous one. The proposed methodology improving the OFDM based wireless system integrating with the BPSK modulation scheme and Alamouti encoding, and such proposed combination makes system better in terms of bit error. The optimum BER achieved is 2x10-5.
Keywords:Physical Layer Security, Channel Estimation, BPSK and QAM-Modulation.
Abstract: This paper presents with the simulation and testing of 5-level H-bridge multilevel inverter. This paper presents 5level inverter with harmonics reduction along with the reduction in number of switches. . In this paper modeling and evaluation of 5-level PWM inverter is carried out & also a evaluation with conventional 2-level inverter is made. The percentage (%) total harmonic distortion is intended for 5-level inverter. The harmonic reduction is achieved by PWM method. The functionality confirmation of the 5-level inverter is done using MATLAB. The result of simulation is confirmed by experimentation.
Keywords:Cascaded multilevel inverter, 5-level inverter ,modulation techniques.
Abstract: The wireless communication is the present system to share information over internet as well as inside house and offices. The reliability of such network is nothing but the overall lower and lower error rate and if the system is based on the interleaver division multiplexing(IDMA) than in such cases the compatibility of the system to handle multiple users at a time with lower error rate is crucial task. In this paper an IDMA based taken into consideration and worked towards making user handling capacity more with reduction in bit error rate(BER). The result analysis shown that the system able to handle more users with lower BER. The optimum bit error rate achieved is lower than 10-5, which is significantly lower than the existing research.
Keywords:IDMA, Block Interleaving, BPSK, Wireless Communication.
Abstract: Radio spectrum is a scarce and precious natural resource that is significantly underutilized with current fixed spectrum-licensing policies. The paradigm of cognitive radio network surcease this issue effectively. The primary users are the incumbents of the spectrum; hence the secondary users should not cause interference while sharing their spectrum. This project is explored on the basis of cooperative sensing, which is an most efficacious way for primary user detection. It provides cognitive radios to achieve a better dynamic spectrum access and this can be made possible by propounding greedy opportunistic routing protocol. The multiple channel assignment algorithm in cooperative detection helps in utilizing channel state information in the discovery of spectrum access opportunities and channel reassigning possibilities to improve transmission performance of SUs. The algorithm initiates self interference cancellation process during the channel allocation for secondary user. The simulation result shows that the spectrum utilization by secondary user, channel capacity are outperforming and channel assigning duration is considerably less than the existing model.
Keywords:Cooperative Sensing, Cognitive Radio Network, Channel State Information, Dynamic Spectrum Access, Primary User, Secondary User.
Abstract: The m-Healthcare system can profit medical users by providing high-quality pervasive tending observance, the growing of m-Healthcare system still strangest on but we have a tendency to tend to utterly understand and manage the challenges facing in theism-Healthcare system, notably on throughout a medical emergency. Throughout this paper, we have a tendency to tend to propose a different secure and privacy-preserving opportunist computing framework, named as SPOC, to traumatize this challenge. With the help of our planned SPOC framework, each medical user administrative unit is in emergency will do the user-centric privacy access management to allow only those qualified helpers to participate inside the opportunist computing to balance the high-reliability of letter of the alphabet technique and minimizing letter of the alphabet privacy revealing in m-Health care emergency. we have a tendency to tend to introduce a cheap user-centric privacy access management in SPOC framework that depends on associate attribute-based access management and a different privacy-preserving complex number computation (PPSPC) technique, and permits a medical user to decide on administrative unit can participate inside the opportunist computing to assist in method his nice letter of the alphabet info.
Keywords:m-Healthcare, medical user.
Abstract: The research work was undertaken to study the effect of drying methods (shade drying, sun drying and mechanical drying) and drying temperature (50, 60, 70 and 80 ºC) on physical properties and chemical composition of sprouted moth bean. The engineering properties fresh sprouted moth bean seeds viz., bulk density, true density, and 1000 grain weight were 0.419 g/cc, 1.351 g/cc, 61.12 g, respectively which was after drying found varied between 0.373 to 0.427 g/cc, 1.135 to 1.481 g/cc and 25.74 to 22.13 g, respectively. The chemical constituents of fresh sprouted moth bean viz., moisture content, IVPD, IVSD and ascorbic acid were 62.6 % (w.b.), 85%, 80 g/2h and 34.67 mg/100 g, respectively, which was after dehydration under various treatments found varied between 13.14 % (w.b.) to 5.97 % (w.b.), 81.75 to 88.26 %, 78.08 to 85.06 (g/2h) and 26.87 to 34.41 (mg/100 g), respectively.
Keywords:Dehydration, sprouting, moth bean.
Abstract: In the present era of multimedia, the requirement of image/video storage and transmission for video conferencing, image and video retrieval, video playback, etc. are increasing exponentially. As a result, the need for better compression technology is always in demand. The limited bandwidth of internet also asks for transmission of desired objects only. Modern applications, in addition to high compression ratio, also demand for efficient encoding and decoding processes, so that computational constraint of many real-time applications is satisfied. In this paper, first of all, a novel gray scale image compression method (BTC-PF) based on block truncation coding (BTC) and vector quantization (VQ) and second method for the compression of digitalimages using hybrid compression method based on BlockTruncation Coding (BTC). Since these method involves lessnumber of simple computations, the time taken by thisalgorithm is also very less when compared with BTC.
Keywords:Block Truncation Coding(BTC), Gray scale image, Vector Quantization.
Abstract: In a blog network, there are special users who induce other users to actively utilize blogs. Identifying such influential users is important when establishing business policy and business models for the blog network. This paper defines the users whose contents exhibit significant influence over other users as content power users (CPUs) and proposes a method of identifying them. We analyze the performance of the proposed method by applying it to an actual blog network and comparing its results with those of preexisting methods for determining power users. The experimental results demonstrate that the definition of CPUs is adequate to address the dynamic nature of the blogosphere and the main concerns of the blog industry. We also discuss the business models based on CPUs that could be used to stimulate user activities in a blog network.
Keywords:Blog network, blogs, business models, content power users (CPUs), power users.
Abstract: Thermal power plants are one of the most important process industries for engineering professionals. Over the past few decades, the power sector has been facing a number of critical issues. Also look after a range of activities, including research and development, starting from power generation, to environmental assessment of power plants.
Keywords:Power Plant, Furnace Burner, Optimization, CFD.
Abstract: The waveform of electric power at generation stage is purely sinusoidal and free from any distortion. power quality refers to maintaining a sinusoidal waveform of bus voltages at rated voltage and frequency, in this paper we discuss various issue related to power quality problem, give detail of main power quality problem their reason and their effect of our utility as well as consumer end. we also discuss how we can remove these power quality problem, and discuss about fects(fctcr) device ,their working and their advantage over other controller ,and discuss fuzzy logic controller for controlling fects device ,their advantage over other controller.
Keywords:Power Quality, Fuzzy Logic Controller, FC-TCR , FACTS.