IJSPR: Volume 11 Number 04
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IJSPR - Volume 11, Number 04

Published On : May 2015
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Abstract: Our research article is proposed for two purposes. First one is to improve energy consumption. And second one is for distance transmission in wireless sensor network. While comparing to single hop clustering our proposed design has better performance in the field of energy consumption as well as increased lifetime. LEACH and multi-hop LEACH are the most popular clustering protocols. This protocol is based on k-means clustering and uses genetic algorithm for multi-hop communication among cluster heads. The used methods in our paper affect balanced and uniform energy dissipation. Simulation is done by NS2 and mat lab simulator. Mat lab simulator output graph indicates that lifetime of our design and NS2 simulator output graph indicates that energy consumption.
Keywords:Balanced Clustering, Genetic Algorithm, K Means Clustering, Gateway Node, Cluster head.
Abstract: Gears are one of the most important parts of Mechanical system are generally used to transmission power from one shaft to another, depending on application they are available with different type of tooth profiles. In all spur gears are the most preferred type of gear because of simplicity of use & manufacturing with high degree of transmission efficiency. In this paper an attempt is made to predict static Contact stresses, Bending stresses, load sharing for HCR & NCR for the given pair of spur gear by using FEA also wear of Ring gear & Pinion after completing Endurance test. The main concern is the tooth profile of both gears i.e. straight spur for Flywheel ring gear & involute spur for starter motor pinion, this system of gear pair will have different contact geometry then straight spur to straight spur and involute spur to involute spur. Some of the experimental results are also discussed in order to determine whether the system will meet the performance specification are not.
Keywords:Spur gear, FEA, Contact stresses, Bending stresses, Ring gear, Pinion, Starter motor, Gear tooth failure.
Abstract: Bellow is a flexible seal/ expansion joint, whose convoluted portion is designed to flex when thermal movements occur in the piping system. The number of convolutions depends upon the amount of movement the bellows must accommodate or the force that must be used to accomplish this deflection. The convoluted element must be strong circumferentially to withstand the contraction and thermal expansion of the system. This strength with flexibility is a unique design problem that is not often found in other components in industrial equipment. Bellows are frequently used in the pressure vessels or piping system, aerospace, etc. it has the function to absorb regular or irregular expansion and contraction in the system. Since bellows require high strength as well as good flexibility, we prefer SS 316 l alloy to design and manufacture a bellow. The design, manufacturing and analysis of bellows are more complicated than other general tubes. A journal related to design and manufacturing of bellows can be discussed. In this research, we planned to design, modelling and detailing of bellows under axial and transverse loading using EJMA code. By using this EJMA code one can predict the circumferential membrane stress, meridional membrane stress, movement per convolution and fatigue life cycle of the bellows.
Keywords:Bellows, Convolution, EJMA code, Expansion joint.
Abstract: Nowadays it is very easy to manipulate and edit the digital images because of availability of powerful image processing tools and editing software. Everyday millions of digital documents are produced by variety of devices and distributed by newspaper, magazine, website, television. In all these information channel images are powerful tool for communication. Digital content is widespread and also redistribute either lawfully or unlawfully. After images are posted on internet, other users can copy resize and re-encode them and then repost their version by generating similar but not identical copies. Generally Photographs are served as evidence in courts. The most common forms of photographic manipulation, i.e. image splicing or also known as image composition is analyzed in this paper. It is difficult to adjust the illumination condition when Image composition or splicing operation performed on image to create composite image In this project we propose a forgery detection method that find out the inconsistencies in the color of the illumination of images. Our approach in this project is based on machine learning and requires very limited user interaction. This technique is applicable to images with two or more people and requires no expert interaction for making the decision. To achieve this, we apply physics and statistical based illuminant estimators on image areas of similar material. From these illuminant estimators, we extract texture and edge based features of the images which are then provided to a machine learning approach i.e. to a classifier for automatic decision making.For that here we use the SVM classifier for the forensic detection. Automatic face detection is used in order to improve the accuracy of the result.
Keywords:lluminant Map, Classifier, Forgery, Illuminant Estimators.
Abstract: Purpose of this research is to learn about implementing solar energy in existing hybrid electric vehicle, which represents steep fall in pollution of environment. Solar driven vehicles are eco friendly but can’t reach to optimum speed in particular time. Working of two different fuels together can be positive point of an idea. CATIA V5R19 is suitable platform for drafting of vehicle we are planning. After studying draft, for calculation of forces, load, stress and strain acting at front & rear collision of body frames, ANSYS 13.0 platform is used for software based simulation. Output data figures are studied to calculate the technical parameters of solar hybrid car. SHEV has high capabilities of performance as it is great combination of conventional gasoline engine, high capacity electric battery and solar panels.
Keywords:SHEV (Solar hybrid electric vehicle), HEV (hybrid electric vehicle), IC Engine (Internal combustion Engine), EOS (Electric operated system), PV (photovoltaic).
Abstract: Edge recognition is significant topic in image analysis and medical applications. For edge detection in medical areas numerous operators are used to find crack in fracture detection. To find exploration of image we are spread over operator mask to image. Sobel and Prewitt operator used dimension mask of 3x3 which consist of horizontal and vertical matrices. I expand mask to 5x5 and 7x7 for Bone Fracture detection. I implemented edge detection algorithm based on fuzzy interference system, which use these masks for detecting edge with various fuzzy rules designed. Comparison is done with sobel and prewitt operators for PSNR, MSE, Average Difference and Structural content parameters.
Keywords:Fuzzy logic, First Derivative Operators, Edge Detection, MATLAB, PSNR, MSE.
Abstract: Digital steganography has been presented as a new scheme to inflict intellectual property rights and defend digital media from tampering. Digital steganography is known as imperceptible, secure & robust communication of data associated to the host signal, that includes embedding into and extraction as of the host signal. The main confront in digital audio steganography and steganography is that if the perceptual transparency parameter has been fixed, the design of a watermark scheme cannot obtain high robustness and a high watermark data rate at the same time. An approach that combined theoretical consideration and experimental validation, including digital signal processing, psychoacoustic modeling and communications theory, is used in developing algorithms for audio steganography and steganography. Broadband Internet connections and near error-free transmission of data facilitate people to distribute large multimedia files and make identical digital copies of them. In this review paper we have studied the audio steganography methodology in order to enhance the strength of the existing scheme model.
Keywords:LSB, PSNR, Audio steganography.
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