IJSPR: Volume 12 Number 04
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IJSPR - Volume 12, Number 04

Published On : June 2015
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Abstract: My research article is proposed for two purposes. First one is to know the awareness of brand. And second one is the consumer perception about the particular product. Sunfeast biscuits have always stood for quality and are known for offering innovative and complete biscuits. Sunfeast signifies delightness, satisfaction and joyness. In the duration of 12 years, Sunfeast has well -established presence in almost all categories of biscuits. Recently, Sunfeast has expanded its portfolio to “premium” cookies category with the launch of “Sunfeast Delishus The brand has showcased the power of packaging and its influence in the positioning and brand image with an innovative marketing campaign. Thus this market study will gauge brand awareness and consumption pattern shown by people based on several well-defined parameters.
Keywords:Branding, consumer perception, questionnaire, SPSS, behaviour, cookies.
Abstract: Energy is the most prominent factor within wireless sensor networks because all the sensors having battery operated system and the consumption of energy is inversely proportional to the life span of the sensor node. The less energy consumed by the node to transmit information larger the life span of the node. The energy preservation of the sensor node is directly affected the way information transmitted to the base station or server. The transmission of information is considered as routing methods. In this paper a more efficient energy efficient routing technique is proposed for the wireless sensor network. The energy of data aggregation in Distributed Energy Efficient Clustering (DEEC) has been kept lower to enhance the life span of the wireless sensor network (WSN). Proposed methodology having better life span as well as throughput. The life span is increased upto 3099 transmission rounds with throughput is about 5.7x104.
Keywords:WSN, DEEC, Energy Efficient Routing, Life span, Throughput.
Abstract: A multiplier is one of the key hardware blocks in most digital and high performance systems such as FIR filters, digital signal processors and microprocessors. With advances in technology, many researchers have tried and are trying to design multipliers which offer either of the following- high speed, low power consumption, regularity of layout and hence less area or even combination of them in multiplier. Designingof such multiplierssuitable for various high speed, low power, and compact VLSI implementations.Though area and speed are two conflicting constraints.Therefore improving speed results always in larger areas. Thus here try to find out the best trade off solution among the both of them. In this review we have presented a efficient analysis through a literature survey in order to improve the system performance of unsigned multiplier using CLAA and CSLA.
Keywords:Unsigned Multiplier, Carry Select Adders (CSLA), Carry Look Ahead Adder (CLAA).
Abstract: This research addresses the need for a pacemaker that could perform an automatic system self-diagnostics check to assure operational functionality and give doctors a chance to assess a patient’s status in the event they are experiencing complications the nation's second-largest pacemaker manufacturer, has warned doctors that at least 90 of its pacemakers being used by heart patients could stop emitting the electrical signal that regulates heartbeat. This thesis investigates a new conditional type of pacemaker which will give the pulses only at the time of improper working of SA node, AV node, bundle of His, purkinje fibers regarding time interval and voltage magnitude with the help of ECG signals(with lead V1). Because of this we can improve the battery life as well as unnecessary extra pacing pulses. It is a type of pacemaker in which pulse will be triggered when abnormality is occurred at different nodes and fibers on the basis of different predefined threshold values.
Keywords:Pacemaker, Electrocardiogram, ECG lead V1, SA Node, AV Node, Bundle of His, Purkinge fibers, Atrial Flutter(AF), CVS.
Abstract: In the present work of CFD analysis of NACA 2313 and NACA 7322 is to find out the efficient airfoil design out of the two airfoils. The coordinates of airfoils were generated by using NACA 4 digit airfoil generator. Results are computed by ANSYS FLUENT 14.5. Analysis is based on various parameters like Coefficient of lift, Coefficient of drag, coefficient of Pressure, and Pressure around the airfoil. The comparison is carried out at 6° and 10° of Angle of attack. An airfoil which has high Coefficient of lift/Coefficient of drag ratio is considered to be better than the other. In this case, based on simulation results it is concluded that the airfoil NACA 2313 is superior to NACA7322.
Keywords:NACA, Coefficient of lift, Coefficient of drag. ANSYS FLUENT 14.5.
Abstract: This experiment is focused on finding the critical Angle of attack of NACA 2313 airfoil. Critical Angle of attack plays a vital role in aviation industry. The coordinates of airfoils is generated by using NACA 4 digit airfoil generator. Results are computed by ANSYS FLUENT 14.5. Analysis is based on Coefficient of lift produced by the airfoil under different Angle of attack ranging from 14° to 20° Angle of attack. Based on this analysis, it is found that the Critical Angle of attack of NACA 2313 is 18°.
Keywords:Critical Angle of attack, Coefficient of lift, CFD, NACA.
Abstract: Wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of a large number of sensor nodes that are interconnected to form a wide communication network. Usually, it can achieve small size, low cost, low power consumption, fewer network components and other features easily. With the development of hardware limitations, better performance and enhancing greater computing capability, people turn to find other techniques to achieve these goals. Therefore, the concept of “Cloud” was born. In fact, as early as the Internet appeared, the “Cloud” has already existed silently providing for us some services. A wide use, the fast increasing data emanating from WSN is not fully utilized due to the limitation for structure of WSN. In recent years, the “Cloud” concept has become more and more popular, especially on the business sector. There are also many types of cloud computing platforms such as Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft etc. In this project, provides load balancing in cloud based wireless sensor network which will be used for dividing the processing work and delivering faster services with higher efficiency. It will help to improve the performance and retain the system stability.
Keywords:Wireless Sensor Network, Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization, Virtual Machine.
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