IJSPR: Volume 06 Number 02
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IJSPR - Volume 06, Number 02

Published On : December 2014
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Abstract: Whether or not you’re exploitation wireless net in an exceedingly eating house, stealing it from the guy nearby or competitor for information measure at a conference, you've got in all probability gotten pissed off at the slow speeds you face once quite one device is tapped into the network. As a lot of and a lot of folks and their several devices access wireless net, clogged airwaves square measure reaching to create it. One Germen physicist Harald Haas has return up with an {answer} he calls “data through illumination” –taking the liar out of fiber optic by causing knowledge through an semiconductor diode lightweight bulb that varies in intensity quicker than the human eye will follow . Li Fi may be a new wireless communication technology that permits a wireless knowledge transmission through semiconductor diode lightweight. all over wherever LEDs square measure used, lighting bulbs will bring not solely the sunshine however wireless association at constant time. With increasing demand for wireless knowledge, lack of radio-frequency spectrum and problems with dangerous magnetic attraction pollution, Li Fi seems as a brand new greener, healthier and cheaper various to wireless fidelity. what is more Li Fi makes potential to own a wireless net in specific environments (hospitals, airplanes etc.) wherever wireless fidelity isn't allowed because of interferences or security concerns.
Keywords:Li-Fi(Light Fidelity), LED(Light Emitting Diode), Wi-Fi.
Abstract: In computer science, information hiding is the principle of segregation of the design decisions in a computer program that are most likely to change, thus protecting other parts of the program from extensive modification if the design decision is changed. The protection involves providing a stable interface which protects the remainder of the program from the implementation. The techniques used for data hiding vary depending on the quantity of data being hidden and the required invariance of those data to manipulation.
Keywords:Steganography, Fingerprinting, Watermarking, Audio, Video Steganography.
Abstract: This Digital world is adapting new digital gadgets, new technologies, Converting every information from legacy for- mat to digital format. Data is available in digital form everywhere. In order to store this large scale of new data producing day by day, the storage methodology should be efficient as well as intelligent enough to find the redundant data to save. Data de-duplication refers to the methods that shrink the need of storage capacity to store data or the quantity of data that has to be transferred over a network. These methods detect coarse-grained redundancies within the data chunk and eliminate them. Some most significant applications of data de-duplication are backup storage systems where these methods considerably reduce the storage requirements to a small fraction of the logical backup data size. This paper reviews methods of data de-duplication, evolution of data de-duplication strategies and their recent advancements.
Keywords:Data De-duplication, Digital Data, Logical Backup.
Abstract: Integral Abutment Bridges (IAB) are joint less bridges in which the deck is continuous and monolithic with abutment wall. They outperform their non-integral counterparts in economy and safety. Their principal advantages are derived from the absence of expansion joints and sliding bearings in the deck, making them the most cost-effective system in terms of construction, maintenance and longevity. The main purpose of constructing IAB is to prevent the corrosion of structure due to water seepage through joints. The simple and rapid construction provides smooth, uninterrupted deck that is aesthetically pleasing and safer for riding. The single structural unit increases the degree of redundancy enabling higher resistance to extreme events. To get a better understanding of the behavior of IAB in different situation, a comparative study is carried out on a typical IAB and a simply supported bridge (SSB) of same geometry and loading conditions, and compares these bridges with spring and without spring analysis at both ends. A total of three bridges were analyzed for this work by using Midas Civil Software.
Keywords:Bridge, SSB, IAB.
Abstract: Effective load balancing has been a challenging task in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) due to their dynamic and un-predictable behavior and topology change. Nodes in MANETs are different with each other in terms of communication and processing capabilities. Load balancing is a solution to avoid congestion in the network. If the load is balanced then it will provide effective use of the network, reduce packet delay and improve packet delivery ratio. Transferring load of congested route to less congested routes improves overall network performance. Ad hoc On-Demand Multipath Distance Vector (AOMDV) selects a path with a lower hop count and discards routes with higher hop count. This paper presents the survey of congestion control routing techniques to detect and avoid the possibility of congestion.
Keywords:Congestion, Multipath, Load balancing, MANET.
Abstract: In the current trend many more suspicious crimes in e-technology as message passing or conversation, chatting, business , e-learning, etc., but visible as masked or some may hidden in some other form , But visible to the outer world as something else. To trap and solve those we have many instant messengers trace technology .even we can’t able to do successively. Using data mining well used as association rules with ARM and OBIE with instant messengers (IM) and social networking sites (SNS). With health caring of whole datasets by HER ,With by using (SUMO) Suggested Upper Merged Ontology , where we can easily categories the words by fetching each bit and find their nature or behavioral conversation type they will distinguish them and trace them each bit with its specification by justifying and mode of scientifically language methodology to be used with Wordnet lexicon groups associated .
Abstract: Domain specific question answering systems play important role for many organizations. General search engines use keyword based search mechanisms. They retrieve enormous amount of data from which sometimes it becomes difficult for users to identify relevant information. Semantic approach can be used to retrieve relevant information from ontological database. In our ontology based semantic information retrieval system, after user enters a input query, meaningful concepts/terms are extracted from the query using domain ontology. For input query, an equivalent SPARQL query is formed and then it is fired on the ontology based knowledge base which is in RDF format. This gives appropriate RDF triples in knowledge base which are later on presented as an answer to the user query. The knowledge base in RDF format is created by using Protégé tool.
Keywords:RDF, SPARQL, Ontology, OWL, WordNet.
Abstract: Energy harvesting allows the recovery of the mechanical energy from environmental vibrations and is obtained through the piezoelectric materials according to the direct piezoelectric effect. More in detail, it implies the generation of an electric field across the material corresponding to a mechanical strain. Since past this technology found interesting applications in the framework of wireless sensor systems in order to make the transmission and acquisition units self-powered. The objective of this paper is to study comparative performance of Multi dynamic magnifier (MDM) with single beam energy harvester (SBEH) using modal analysis. Finite element simulation of MDM & SBEH is performed and results are compared. The main aim of this design is to get maximum voltage & power in broad frequency range.
Keywords:Energy harvesting, piezoelectric materials, Magnifier, single beam.
Abstract: The internet is penetrating the Ethiopia at the rate of 1.90% or more and the current scenario is, less than 1% population is using internet here. The world is focusing on African countries for their business for the IT enabled services and the Mobile based services, as today world is growing rapidly with the help and support of these services and here there is a great scope to incorporate these features. In Ethiopia, like everywhere else, progress can be measured with IT, Mobile and technologies in use at different service sectors in the country. In addition to that, technology has its downsides: malware, threats and cyber-crime, due to the huge scope of internet proliferation and penetration in different services and sectors, the scope of cyber threat and crime is also possible here. We are trying to keep a look on the all possibilities to strengthen Ethiopia for its current and future IT challenges with IT structure and guidelines available in India. This paper is an attempt to study about all current possible weakness available in the infrastructure of the mobile and IT networks at Ethiopia and how it can be defined and solved with the help of network and IT Infrastructure of India. This paper will also focus with the law and regulation of the cyber crimes of both the countries for betterment and strengthening the future IT and mobile technologies challenges of the country.
Keywords:Cyber Treat, Mobile Treat, Internet Penetration.
Abstract: Earth tube heat exchanger systems can be used to cool the building in summer climate and heat the buildings in winter climate. In a developing country e.g. India, there is a huge difference in demand and supply of electricity and rising electricity prices have forced us to look for cheaper and cleaner alternative. Our objective can be met by the use of earth tube heat exchangers and the system is very simple which works by moving the heat from the house into the earth during hot weather and cold weather. Measurements show that the ground temperature below a certain depth remains relatively constant during the year. Experimental research were done on the experimental set up in Lakshmi Narayan College of Technology, Bhopal. Effects of the operating parameters i.e. air velocity and temperature on the thermal performance of horizontal ground heat exchanger are studied. For the pipe of 9m length and 0.05m diameter, temperature falling of 3.930C-12.60C in hot weather and temperature rising of 6oC-10oC in cold weather have been observed for the outlet flow velocity 11 m/sec. At higher outlet velocity and maximum temperature difference, the system is most efficient to be used.
Keywords:Heat, Exchanger, Earth Tube, Air.
Abstract: Wireless communication system with multi-antenna arrays has been a field of intensive research on the last years. The application of multiple Transmitting antennas and Receiving Antennas both sides can significantly enhance the channel capacity and data rate. The review of the performance limitations of MIMO system becomes very important since it will give lot ideas in understanding and designing the real life MIMO systems. Vertical Bell Laboratories Layered Space Time (V-BLAST). The idea behind Multiple Input and Multiple Output system is that the signals on the transmitter antennas at one end and the receiver antennas at the other end are correlated in such a way that the performance (Bit Error Rate or BER) or the data rate (bits/sec) of the wireless communication system for each MIMO subscriber will be improved.
Keywords:V-Blast, MIMO-OFDM, Zero Forcing, Minimum Mean Square Error.