IJSPR: Volume 07 Number 01
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IJSPR - Volume 07, Number 01

Published On : January 2015
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Abstract: Broad spectrum of optical wireless communication fulfills the requirements of high speed wireless communication which is the basic advantage of optical wireless communication over conventional wireless communication technologies. The advent of advancement in device processing technologies like micro- and nano-electromechanical systems decreasing size of wireless sensors day by day. This decrease in dimensions of sensors causes serious problem for battery storage capacity. We address this issue and propose a model of communication and recharging of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) nodes simultaneously using passive optical communication which is a wireless network consisting of spatially distributed autonomous devices using sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions. We propose both Line-of-Sight and Quasi-diffuse communication for this reason. There are a few situations where straight LOS is enhanced choice while at NLOS; the energy of a multispot Quasi-diffuse beam able to be utilized. In our replica we have used customized Corner Cube Retroreflector (CCR) and a recently proposed device Thin film Corner Cube Retroreflector (TCCR) for passive communication and recharging sensor end nodes. Such devices contain large approach of variety due to which they can provide communication facility to large areas. Our analysis shows that the proposed model could show better performance and significant increase in network life time. The broadcast using high bandwidth can switch vast quantity of information, which can be further improved by reduction in fibre losses, increase in data rates and distances, development of optical sources and detectors compatible with fibres. The recent development in the area of fibre optic communication as well as the advances in different fibre types and their property, optical sources, detectors, system limitations and applications are also discussed in the paper.
Keywords: Optical Fibre, Communication field, ISI, Fibre optic, Single Mode Fiber.
Abstract: 2 × 2 MIMO profiles included in Mobile Wi-MAX specifications are Alamouti’s STC (space-time code) for transmit diversity and spatial multiplexing (SM). Alamouti’s STC has full diversity and the SM has full rate, but neither of these has both of desired features as required. Golden code provides full rate and full diversity. It has a high decoding complexity. The issue decoding complexity was included in the STC design criteria, and variant STCs were proposed. In this paper, a high-rate full-diversity 2 × 2 STC design leading to lower complexity of the optimum detector compared to the Golden code with only a slight performance loss. We provided the general optimized form of this STC and show that this scheme achieves the diversity multiplexing for different QAM signal constellations.
Keywords: STC, MIMO, Wi-MAX.
Abstract: The main focus of this study was to determine the ratings of physical and psychological violence as they affect women academic pursuit in basic education in Anambra State, Nigeria. Two research questions directed the study. The investigation adopted a expressive survey plan. A sample size of 1,376 married women under-going basic education was used. A 16 items questionnaire was developed to elicit information from the respondents. Mean statistics was used to answer the research questions. Results of the study indicated that physical violence was rated by the women to a moderate extent, while psychological violence was rated to a great extent on their academic pursuit. Conclusion was drawn from the study and recommendations made which includes that the women in basic literacy education should be educationally empowered. Educational empowerment of women is the key solution to domestic violence, when they receive the education, they become independent and are gainfully employed, there should be re-education of males and females in family lives. Couples should be taught on how to tolerate one another in the home in order to avoid violence, and there is also the need to mount campaign through media on the evils of domestic violence. Short drama programme could serve as a backup to campaign on television and radio.
Keywords: Violence, Psychological, Physical, Women Empowerment, Literacy, Education, Academic Pursuit.
Abstract: Study has been conducted in 2 hectare area of Sandal plantaion, on host association of sandal and its growth enhancement under Agro-forestry standard at State Forest Research & Training Institute, Raipur Chhattisgarh. There are many associating nitrogen fixing species Arhar (Cajanus cazan) & herb plants Aloe (Aloe barbedensis), Chirayata (Andrographis paniculata), Vaividang (Embelia ribes Burm) had been introduced and haustorised by sandal though luxuriant growth of sandal in association with them is observed under Agroforestry model. The growth parameters were recoded where, average height of the Sandalwood trees in block A (a1 = 3.53, a2 = 2.33), B (b1 = 2.41, b2 = 2.35), C (c1 = 2.47, c2 = 2.50) & D (d1 = 3.35, d2 = 3.46) m. 2) average bole height A (a1 = 0.68, a2 = 0.51), B (b1 = 0.44, b2 = 0.37), C (c1 = 0.45, c2 = 0.44) & D (d1 = 0.45, d2 = 0.65) m. and 3) average crown height of the A (a1 = 2.78, a2 = 1.57), B (b1 = 1.98, b2 = 2.18), C (c1 = 2.01, c2 = 2.06) & D (d1 = 2.81, d2 = 3.33). Net increment in height is 2.8 m., bole height 0.50 m. and crown height was 2.34 m. wilt disease fungus Fusarium spp, Leaf eating insects (moths) and Boring insects was recorded during pathological analysis & Tending operation, weed management was the main faction for rehabilitation & enhancing the physical growth performance of the entire plantation of sandalwood.
Keywords: Agroforestry, Tree-crop interaction, Supplementary, Complimentary, Inhibitory, Pathogens, Tending operation etc.
Abstract: Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing is popularly discussed term now a days. Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing is the technique of choice in the digital system implementations that divides a channel with a higher data rate into several orthogonal characterized sub-channels with a lower data rate. It is an special feature of OFDM technique affect the new generation of communication system, which in mobile communication terminology called as “4G technology”. The paper is an approach towards the key aspect/ performance parameter of the system. Initially we will talk about the major role of (GP)Guard Period insertion in OFDM system in optimize Inter-Symbol Interference. Then, discus how the numerous methods of adding guard period effect the OFDM system characteristics and explain the with MATLAB simulated results.
Keywords: OFDM Guard Period(GP); Cyclic Suffix (CS).Zero Padding; Cyclic Prefix (CP).
Abstract: Mobile Ad-Hoc networks (MANETs) are vulnerable to security threats due to the inherent characteristics of such networks, such as the open wireless medium and dynamic topology. It is difficult to provide trusted and secure communications in adversarial environments, such as battlefields. This article provides an overview of past and current work in the area of security research of mobile Ad-Hoc networks. Security is a critical issue in a mobile Ad-Hoc network (MANET). Securing network transmissions without securing the routing is not sufficient. In this, researchers have done review of selected of the distinctive types of Ad-Hoc networks, articulate difficulties and study research work completed in the region.
Keywords: MANET, Attacks, Security Protocols, security goals.
Abstract: The experiment for optimization of EDM process parameter is performed on AISI D3 tool steel using copper electrode of 10 mm diameter in this paper. The process parameters are decided based on the Taguchi method. The aim of this work is to make advance process parameters of machining in high, medium and low wear factors which are 2, 4 and 6 through duty cycle 40%, 50% and 60% respectively. During whole process the process parameters are kept constant. The MRR and EWR also analyzed in this experiment.
Keywords: Copper Electrode, EDM Process Parameters, Taguchi Method.
Abstract: The Paper describes an automized knitting machine based on the PIC microcontroller. The automation is provided to a sock knitting machine that is completely mechanical and is not supported by any electronic stop motion and computerized pattern design. The proposed system will consist of a yarn detector system which buzzer alarm and LED indication when yarn breakage occurs. The control system will be fed with computerized patterns for drum of a 5 step machine, causing desired patterns to be imprinted on the sock in selected area. The data processor which is the part of control system will include data sets through which new readymade designs can be provided to the needle cylinder. Overall system will increase the efficiency and throughput of the knitting machine.
Keywords:Knitting, Yarn, Control System, Selector Lever, Cam, Fabric, Needle Cylinder etc.
Abstract: Cloud computing is a provision of given that networked, online, on demand services compensate for each use basis. Several issues as scalability, security, performance etc are creating hurdles in cloud computing. Load balancing is one of the main challenging issues in cloud computing. Load balancing is the process of distribution of work-load among different nodes or workstation. The idea of weight matching is to progress the performance of a cloud environment through an appropriate distribution strategy. So demonstrating a new approach of advanced ant colony optimization algorithm on simple network(file uploading) which can be extended on cloud.
Keywords:ACO Algorithm, Load Balancing, Cloud.
Abstract: Power supply units (PSUs) with an equally shared load current are widely employed for data processing equipment like servers due to their advantages such as easy extension of power processing capability and simple thermal management. This paper presents a method to improve light-load efficiency by reducing load-independent losses such as capacitive turn-on and core losses and reduce the THD of input current of a boost PFC converter used in applications to high performance server power supply units. The conventional system constant frequency and average current mode control scheme will result lower efficiency and high THD current distortion under light load operation. To overcome this problem, this paper proposes a digital multi-mode control scheme with variable switching frequency control. A nonlinear control scheme with gain scheduling has been used to improve dynamic response under light load condition with discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) operation with lower switching frequency.
Keywords:Fuzzy with on/off control, Boost converter, paralleled power supply units (PSUs), light-load efficiency, power factor correction (PFC).