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Call For Papers February 2018 (Volume 44) Edition

Date of Publication: 28th February 2018

International Journal of Scientific Progress & Research (IJSPR) is a peer reviewed monthly online journal. IJSPR accepts research works & articles from research scholars, academicians, teachers, professors, doctors, lecturers, and from scientists of their extensive studies and researches. IJSPR journal is available for wide range of innovative, intellectual and educational aims to enrich the scientific community all over the world. IJSPR releases last week of every month.

The vision and mission of IJSPR is to come along with the growing era of engineering tasks, precision, specialized and sensitive devices as well as softwares and simulation tools, are the mandatory use of the short and long term projects. The applications of high end equipment in the high level research is the demands of technological world and Researchers, Engineering Community is working hard to resolve all the above aspects. So there is a need of such platforms where Researchers, Engineers and Scientists from all over the world share their innovative ideas to invent great new things and give to the world.

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